Economist Impact, sponsored by Google Workspace, has designed a “Toolkit for building human-centric hybrid work models”, presenting values and practices that can help organisations to succeed in a hybrid work environment. This three-phased program took a bold and provocative look at the future of work and the emerging hybrid model.
Deliverables: banners, social media amplification that directed the target audience to hub housing infographics, case studies and a global survey.

My role 
Art direction and UX

Other credits
Yuxin Lin, Lavanya Sayal, Mia Shanley, Wade Islan, Michaela Hardulakova, Julie Ho, Ruchika Dugar, Ashita Bajpai, RansomProfit, Marina da Silva, Jaime Jochums, Christine Bubar, Georgina Taylor, John Conte

Programme Identity

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