In collaboration with Infosys, The Economist Impact built a best-in-class content platform, leveraging Infosys’ expertise in digital innovation and transformation to create an engaging and immersive user journey and experience.
The digital-first content and community framework combines evidence-based insights and original content, a showcase for solutions-based thinking and tools, and provides access to and participation in global dialogues with a vast network of foremost experts, industry leaders, policymakers, and other prominent stakeholders in sustainability.

The Sustainability Project is the first major initiative of Economist Impact, which combines the capabilities and expertise we are known for—policy research and insights, data visualisation, custom storytelling, events and media—under a single business.
My role
Art Direction

Other credits
Wongdoody (design) and Infosys (development)

Economist Impact

27th Annual Webby Awards -  People's Voice Award Winner 
Finalist World media awards 2022
Brand identity
Data insights series
My role: Art direction, storytelling 

CLIENT: Infosys

Other credits: 
Julia Allum (illustration)
Sally Caulwell (illustration)

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