The Economist Group was brief to develop the REV Index, which will measure how far along the UK is to transition to EVs. As the UK prepares for banning the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles in 2030, the REV Index will allow BP and other stakeholders to measure preparedness for the transition to electric vehicles.
The index was the central component of a large integrated campaign including data visualisation, a report and executive summary, a content hub, video, animation banners, and social media amplification.
My Role
Art Direction, UX

Martin Koehring, Shivangi Jain, Ekaterina Walters, Ho Yuen Man, Lars Verspohl, Ashita Bajpai, Non Wood, Susana Ferraz, Jyotsna Shivkumar, Ibs Ajavi

Economist Impact 
Programme identity

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