Winner Best Brand Launch Digiday Media Awards Europe 2022
Winner Brand of the Year Digiday Marketing and Advertising Europe 2022
The Economist Group launched Economist Impact at the end of 2001, a business with a unique offering that brings together evidence-based policy research and creativity. It partners with corporations, governments and nonprofit organizations to deliver positive societal change.   

The new Brand tool kit was created to introduce a visual language based on the various personalities of the Economist sub-brands. It unified and strengthened the Economist Group brand and kept the individual brands' identity by introducing four design principles - one for each different part of the business. 

My role
- Design Direction 
- Overseeing the brand implementation across all Economist Impact and EI Studios assets
- Creating design templates, digital, print and social documentation. 

Other credits 
John Long (CD), Kim Miller, Claire Casey, Jamie Credland
Designers: Ho Lung Tsang, Laura Dirzyte, Joey Chen, Cheryl Fuerte, Susana Ferraz, Heung Lee, Ashita Bajpai, Jyotsna Shivkumar, Maria Gonzalez, Leah Romero, Ibs Ajavi

Economist Impact

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