Marriott briefed The Economist to create an engaging marketing campaign targeted at 'The Inventive Class' - males and females aged 25-45 in the UK, Germany, and France.  
The campaign deliverables included a website, custom illustrations, videos, an interactive timeline, print supplements in The Economist and 1843 magazine, postcards, advertorials, media and social amplification and three inspirational digital travel guides.        

The project was distributed online and offline media on The Economist Group’s channels, driving the target audience towards a bespoke content microsite.      
Moments To Inspire kickstarted a powerful branded conversation around mindfulness and business travel and established the brand as the only one that offers thoughtful spaces, enriching experiences and an elevated service that inspires its audience to shine their brightest professionally and personally. 
My Role
Art Direction, Visual Design,  

The Economist Group

Ranson Profit, Teresa Palagano, Hannah Symondson, Ashita Bajpai, Jyotsna Shivakumar, Leah Romero, Alexander Black, Jonathan Yefet
Illustration: Mark Boardman

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